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EASYLABEL software
EASY LABEL software


EASYLABEL Product Identification and Label Design Software

In the labeling industry, EASYLABEL has no equal.

Designed with the user in mind, EASYLABEL was derived from a comprehensive list of requests and suggestions from our customers. The idea was to take the stability, reliability and functionality of the current EASYLABEL products and implement a new, sleek and intuitive design to give EASYLABEL a more Windows-like appearance. Basically, if you are familiar with today’s office applications, then you will feel very comfortable with EASYLABEL.

Simply stated, EASYLABEL is easier. Unlike the “bargain” packages, EASYLABEL includes every conceivable method of making label design easy, fast and accurate. You don’t have to be computer literate to fulfill complex labeling requirements. The goal of EASYLABEL is to make you productive, successful, and more effective. Basically, it does all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to. With the shortest learning curve in the industry., you’ll be making labels faster with EASYLABEL than with any other labeling software package available.

Please contact us to inquire about versions of EASYLABEL that are not listed on this page.

EASYLABEL® 6 Silver 245.00
EASYLABEL® 6 Gold 495.00
EASYLABEL® 6 Platinum 995.00
EASYLABEL® 6 Multi-User
3-User License 1,495.00
5-User License 1,995.00
10-User License 2,995.00
15-User License 4,295.00
25-User License 5,995.00

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Author of EASYLABEL barcode label software

Tharo EASYLABEL 6 Bar Code Labeling Features
  • Tharo EASYLABEL 6’s RFID Wizard will allow you to program and print High Frequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) smart labels. The EASYLABEL RFID Wizard will also assist you in creating an Electronic Product Code (EPC) and allow you to import the data to be programmed on the smart label from numerous sources.
  • With updated EASYLABEL software User Sign-on and Password options, New User Logging Options, and Audit Trail Options Tharo EASYLABEL 6 provides you with tools to help meet your FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance labeling requirements.
  • Creating an EAN/UCC 128 barcode in EASYLABEL software has never been easier! Tharo EASYLABEL 6’s new EAN/UCC 128 wizard makes creating EAN/UCC 128 bar codes a simple 4-step process. The wizard in EASYLABEL 6 prompts you for the required information and then builds the barcode automatically! You even have the capability to create codes with multiple Application Identifiers. Placing EAN/UCC-14’s and SSCC-18’s on your label is now a SNAP using EASYLABEL 6!
  • Tharo EASYLABEL 6 can now be upgraded in the field, (or have users added in Tharo EASYLABEL 6 Multi-User) through Remote Programming. Remote Programming is accomplished by exchanging encrypted data files. These data files can be exchanged by any medium such as diskette or E-mail. The upgraded EASYLABEL software can be used immediately after the Remote Programming process
  • To make it easier to align fields, we’ve added new alignment and justification choices to EASYLABEL software.
  • With such powerful features as Command File Monitoring, API (Application Programming Interface), 32-bit ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and ActiveX/COM controls, you can effortlessly communicate with and control Tharo EASYLABEL 6. Printing can originate from an AS/400, mainframe, UNIX, or host system. A link to C#, Visual Basic, C++ and other applications that support ActiveX facilitates the creation of custom screens, entry boxes and controls. By using EASYLABEL 6, you can connect to MRP II (Manufacturing Resource Planning), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and BAAN, as well as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).
  • Use IP Printing (Internet Protocol) in EASYLABEL software to print to a printer anywhere in the world, that is connected to a Print/Device server or Ethernet card, by using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or its IP address.
  • Tharo EASYLABEL 6 Terminal Server provides you with all of the features that the Platinum version offers with the ability to be run on the Windows Terminal Server platform. The software and hardware key are only installed on the Server. This makes the management of EASYLABEL software a SNAP!
  • EasyTutor is a multimedia training companion to Tharo EASYLABEL. Its purpose is to help you gain a solid working knowledge of the features and functions of Tharo EASYLABEL through multimedia movies and tutorials.
UCC Nutritional Food Label
UCC/EAN 128 Serial Shipping
Container Code (VICS)
Nutritional Labeling Education Act Multi-Lingual Product Identification
Hazard Label Warning Label NDC Label
Hazardous Materials
Warning Labels
Right to Know Labels National Drug Code (NDC) Labels
Wire Label Shelf Label LOGMARS
U.S. Government LOGMARS
Retail Shelf Labels National Wholesale Drug
Association (NWDA) Pharmaceutical Labels
Shipping PDF Label Carton Label
Shipping Labels PDF417 (2-D) High Density
Encoded Data
Automotive Shipping (AIAG)
EASY LABEL Clothing Label EASY LABEL UPS Label Plant Label
Clothing Hanging Tags UPS Maxicode Polyster Plant Tags
Electronic Labels

Tharo EASYLABEL 6 Bar Code Labeling System Requirements

Current versions of EASYLABEL 6 runs under all Windows operating systems of XP SP2 and later. All 64 bit systems are supported where applicable.

Tharo EASYLABEL 6 Bar Code Labeling Supported Printers

EASYLABEL 6 natively supports over 200 thermal/thermal transfer printers including Avery Dennison, C.Itoh, cab, Citizen, Datamax, Dedruma, Diagraph, Eltron, Fargo, Geotronic, Godex, HP, Intermec, Novexx, Printronix, Ricoh, RJS, Sato, Synergystex, System Wave, TEC/Toshiba, Tharo, TSC, and Zebra. You can also print to any dot matrix, inkjet, laser or thermal/thermal transfer printer that uses a Windows driver. Contact us if you don't see your printer listed for EASYLABEL Software.

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