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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Ribbons | Theraml Transfer Ribbons

The success of thermal transfer imaging relies on two factors; first, on the quality of the face stock coating and material of the label or tag being used. Second on the matching of the proper thermal transfer ribbons to the face stock coating. Selecting an incorrect ribbon for your printing can lead to smeared labels and unreadable text or worse, the barcode being scanned. Ohio Identification Solutions carries a complete line of Thermal Transfer Ribbons for a wide variety of applications and labeling requirements.

Ohio Identification Solutions offers 3 basic types of high quality thermal ribbons. Your decision on which to choose is based on the make and model of your printer and the exact type of application you have.

Wax Thermal Ribbons
A thermal transfer ribbon which is low cost and perfect for printing on most paper stock although it may not be completely smudge-proof in some instances
Wax/Resin Thermal Ribbons
A thermal transfer ribbon, which is mid-ranged cost, semi-smudge resistant and is a good value based on application and material to be printed on. This thermal ribbon type works on paper as well as many other common materials
Resin Thermal Ribbons
A thermal transfer ribbon, which is a higher cost, guaranteed smudge-proof on most labels and tags and performs on media almost as though laminated. This thermal ribbon type is used for UL-CSA applications, polyimide circuit board labels and other demanding situations.

We highly recommend that you test all thermal transfer labels and thermal transfer ribbons in the end use application prior to purchasing. Sample thermal ribbons and thermal transfer labels are usually available at no charge upon request.

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